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Beechcraft Control Wheel Leather Wrap Customizer

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Customization Options
Click on yoke component section to customize color.
  • Grips
  • Grip Covers
  • Base Center
  • Bezel Assembly
  • Grip Stitching
  • Base Center Stitching
  • Base Bottom Stitching
Bezel Emblem
Control Wheel Leather Wrap Pricing*
$799.99 / Set - Black

$999.99 / Set - Any Other Color

*Note: Existing control wheel castings must be supplied by Customer. Service provided is for leather wrapping only. Refer to FAQ (?)

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Shipping Information

Additional Items-
Leather Care Kit: $56.00 
Placard Kit: $45.00 
Free Placard Installation: FREE: 
$4,000 return Shipping Insurance $46
I decline return shipping insurance and understand that Aero Comfort will not be liable for lost or damaged items.
Shipping Method:
" I understand that I must supply my control wheel castings at my own expense and must schedule with Aero Comfort to complete the leather wrapping service."
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